Archive: September 2013

Over 100,000 Polish unionists protest the government’s labour policies in Warsaw

Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s government has recently raised the retirement age as well as announcing changes to the pension system. Further, he has also made it easier for businesses to …

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The right-wing media narrative of the G20!

Once again the G20 meet once more to discuss in secret the world issues. The so called “leaders” of the free world spoke about their national economic interests behind closed …

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The contradiction within the Syrian all female Islamic rebel force unit

 Although part of the larger so called “free Syrian army”, these women fight as autonomous unit against the Assad regime. Their faces and bodies are covered as Islam dictates and …

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Walmart workers stage protest in 15 U.S. Cities!

Workers demanding improved working conditions, better wages and job securities showed their strength. During the protest the workers attempted to deliver their petition to the company board member Christopher Williams …

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Unions in Britain call a national day of protest over blacklisting

Blacklisting is often used by employers in many companies in order to punish employees that raise issues regarding wages, health and safety, job security and general work issues. In Britain …

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French workers protest pension reform!

 President Hollande’s planned pension reform is a “slower” way of injecting austerity into the French public that is plagued by an economic crisis that was created and continues to be …

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Teachers in Mexico stage protest during the presidents’ “cry of independence” speech.

  The Mexican president issues the famous “cry of independence” speech at the Zocalo central square, however this year the square is occupied by protesting teachers. This opportunity was used …

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The word “hijab” and “freedom” in one sentence?

 In Montreal thousands of Muslims marched through the streets on Saturday to protest against the charter of values proposed by the Quebec government. The protesters who were predominantly Muslim described …

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Canadian scientists protest government censorship of science

. In 16 cities in Canada lab-coat wearing protesters made their voice heard. The Canadian government is increasing the list of topics that are able to be published and funded. …

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Protests in Greece and in Ireland against austerity and unemployment

In Greece thousands of protesters filled the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki, including civil servants such as teachers, to demand a repeal of the governments plans to cut thousands of …

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Protests continue in Turkey!

The protests that began in May in Turkey engulfed the streets once again. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues to be in denial about the unrest and describes them as …

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“Hands off our NHS”

Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square in London to protest against the privatization of the National Health Service and to mark the end of a 300 mile, 23 towns, …

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Bangladesh garment industry workers hold the largest protest yet!

The Bangladeshi garment workers stormed the capital, Dhaka, to protest the low wages and working conditions of the garment factories. The workers demand a 1-1/2 times wage increase. Currently the …

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Artist convicted of racism for speaking out against Islam!

A Danish-Iranian artist Firoozeh was convicted and fined by the Danish government for speaking out against Islam. Found guilty of racism she was also fined 5,000 kroner. Firoozeh exclaimed that …

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