Archive: October 2013

Thousands of Greeks protest against the far-right Golden Dawn party!

Greece that has been in a state of struggle against imposed austerity measures that were adopted and designed only to save the corporations, is now facing the growing dangers of …

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Tunisian secularists, unions, journalists and workers demand an end to the Ennahda regime!

Tunisia, a pivotal country in the Arab spring revolutions which shook Africa and the rest of the world, is now reclaiming its secular roots by protesting against the hijacking of …

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Bahrain holds its largest protest yet!

Once again the Western governments and media turn a blind eye to the on-going protests in Bahrain against the Islamists ruling monarchy. The people of Bahrain have been waving the …

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Detroit bankruptcy: passing on the cost

The city of Detroit continues its negotiation with its creditors in regards to repaying billions of dollars of its debt. Detroit’s bankruptcy is the highest municipal bankruptcy in the history …

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Nobel Peace Prize: the joke of the century

As the news breaks about the nomination of the Russian dictator Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize, the worth of the once prestigious prize is once again undermined. …

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Islamic Republic of Iran: the frontrunner of paedophilia

This week lawmakers in Iran passed a law to legalize adopted 13 year old girls to marry their father, and boys to marry at the age of 15.  Girls that …

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General Vo Nguyen Giap: the architect of modern guerrilla warfare

Giap is widely considered by the left and the right wing groups as one of history’s greatest military generals who played a pivotal part in the defeat of the West …

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Switzerland votes on an unconditional basic income

Over 100,000 people signed a petition that demanded the Swiss government to provide all citizens of Switzerland with the basic monthly income of $2,800 dollars. Currently Switzerland does not have …

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Teachers protest in Rio de Janeiro

Since June of this year, there has been continued anti-government protests across Brazil calling for more public spending on schools, healthcare, transportation and a stop to corruption in the government. …

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Iran’s revolutionary guard arrests a “network of homosexuals and Satanists” at a birthday party at Kermanshah

Once again the Islamic republic of Iran displays it’s prejudicial and intolerance through an attack of a homosexual group in Iran. Among the group members were foreign nationals which included …

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Get Out Of My Vagina: Femen disrupt Spain’s parliament!

Chanting “abortion is sacred!” and painted on their chests, three Femen activists disrupt the Spanish parliament during speeches. The Spanish Femen group is led by Lara Alcazar, who was detained …

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Environmental protests shutdown HSBC’s flagship branch!

HSBC is one of world’s largest underwriters for bonds and shares in fossil fuels. Protesters dressed as coal miners closed off an area outside the bank and labelled it “climate …

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Russian nationalists target migrant workers

The Russian police attacked and raided a vegetable warehouse and arrested more than 1200 migrant workers. This occurred consequent to the Russian nationalists accusing a migrant of murdering an ethnic …

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Russian gay rights activists protest in St. Petersburg

An LGBT group in St. Petersburg clashed with the police resulting in 67 arrests. The Russian campaigners for Gay rights have continued their protests since the inception of the anti-gay …

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“We Are Not Science Experiments!” march against Monsanto held in 36 countries!

Hundreds of people protested in Canadian cities including Guelph, London, and Brantford and 36 different countries around the world!  Called the “March Against Monsanto”, is the peoples’ cry against the …

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French public protest the expulsion of a Roma student

French students as well as the general public voiced their anger at the French government’s attempt at the removal of 15 year old student, Leonarda Dibrani, from school. Charged with …

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70,000 people protest in Italy against unemployment

Attacking banks and government ministries, Italian public expressed their anger against the government imposed austerity measures. This protest was sparked by the government’s funding of large building projects in the …

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Portuguese workers use buses to protest austerity

Tens of thousands of Portuguese hold a massive protest in both the capital Lisbon and the largest city of Porto in the north. This protest was held after the 2014 …

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Large scale teachers’ strike in England

3,500 schools were either closed or partially closed in England as teachers took to the streets to show their discontent with the right-wing government cuts to education. The strike was …

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