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We are the 99% November 2013

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Marxism critiques anarchism in 3 major ways

Marx has a scientific and revolutionary explanation of communism that is derived from his theory of value and materialist dialectics (the evolution of society via the advancements in the means …

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Indonesian nationwide strike for better pay!

Millions of Indonesians came to the streets as part of large industrial action for salary increase in 22 provinces. This protest took place at a time when the government continues …

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Iranian women defying the dress code

The Iranian government is currently employing 27 different institutions to monitor and control what women where in public places including shopping areas, main squares and recreational centres. Often referred to …

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Workers protest Wal-Mart poverty wages

Workers staged a sit in the middle of the road to raise awareness of Wal-Mart’s low wages in Los Angeles. Cesar Chavez Bioulevard was shut down during rush hour by …

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“Remember, Remember the 5th of November”: the Million Mask March

Hundreds of protesters used Bonfire night, an annual fire festival in London, to protest against austerity cuts in Europe. This was part of the Million Mask March that took place …

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Million Mask March: why masks are counter-revolutionary

In the wake of a global anti-austerity and anti-capitalist protests that took place in 400 cities around the world this week, the movement’s methodology is worth discussing. The group that …

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Bulgarians demand an end to the “reign of oligarchy”

In the capital city of Sofia 4000 people came to the streets to protest against the regime. Called the “March for Justice”, protesters called for the government to step down …

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Endrogen’s Islamist party scandal exposes internal conflict

This week the Erdogan Islamic party once again made international headlines as nearly half the cabinet members are replaced and reshuffled due to the exposure of a corruption scandal. Three …

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Thousands of Greek workers continue their protest against austerity

Greece’s largest union shuts down school, interrupts flights and takes to the streets despite heavy rain. This protest continues the on-going people’s struggle against the Greek economy being bought over …

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Erdogan’s Islamization of mixed dorms: a fresh attack on secular rights

It has not been too long now since the last attempt by Erodogan administration in Turkey to take away the people hard fought secular rights and take the Turkish society …

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Students in Italy protest against austerity cut-backs to education

In Rome, Turin and all the way to Palermo in the south, Italian students came out in their thousands to protest against cuts to education. This protest is part of …

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Cambodian garment workers protest in Phnom Penh

Garment workers take to the streets to strike as they continue their strike against the low wages and horrid working conditions. The riot police crackdown on protesters in one of …

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David Cameron calls for permanent austerity: Never fear, the bourgeois tax cuts are here!

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain in a speech during the annual Lord Mayor’s Banquet called for continuous austerity if the conservatives are re-elected in 2015. Standing beside Lady …

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A protest against mainstream media and press credibility

The March Against Mainstream Media organized protests across the United States and the United Kingdom against large media corporations including Fox news, BBC, NBS, CNN and many more. The protesters …

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Portuguese police officers protest austerity cuts

When police officers’ union is in strike over cutbacks and austerity it is one massive indicator of the kind of trouble the Portuguese government is in. 10,000 demonstrators on the …

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1.3 Million Wal-Mart workers won a National Labour Relations Board ruling

A small but significant victory for Wal-Mart employees, workers celebrated the ruling of the National Labour Relations Board as it stated that it will prosecute Wal-Mart for illegally firing and …

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Amnesty International condemns Qatar’s treatment of migrant workers

Amnesty International joined the long list of institutions that have condemned the Qatar abuse of migrant workers as it prepares itself for the 2022 World Cup. Migrant workers constitute 88% …

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Four day general strike in Bangladesh

Activists clashed with police and the ruling party members on the first day of a 4 day general strike. The people called for the removal of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina …

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