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Emma Watson and her speech for gender equality: a critique

Six months ago Emma Watson, an actress famous for her role in the Harry Potter movies, was appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador. Miss Watson delivered a speech at the …

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FEMEN protest against ISIS in Paris

FEMEN held a demonstration in Champs-Elysees this week to bring attention to the atrocities and human rights violations being committed by ISIS in the Middle East. They shouted “French and …

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US militarism and the war on ISIS

The US media narrative as shown on televisions globally is that the United States and the signed on members of its coalition are going after ISIS in the Middle East.  …

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People’s Climate March: don’t let them Frack our world!

In London thousands came to the streets to make their voice heard about the state of the climate and the environment. Demonstrations and 2000 different events took place in 150 …

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Occupy abolishes $4 million dollars in student debt

Occupy Wall Street activists via project Strike Debt were able to successfully abolish $4 million dollars’ worth of student debt from Everest College students. This debt was paid off not …

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The “Happy” six in Iran have been sentenced in court

Ever since the arrest of the six Iranians in association with making a YouTube Iranian version of the Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy”, the video has been trending on both YouTube …

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Stop the prosecution of the Iranian “Happy” six!

In May of this year the Islamic regime in Iran arrested the director of the Iranian version of William Pharrell’s “Happy” music video along with all the participating dancers. The …

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The Scottish independence vote

On September 18th Scottish citizens above the age of 16 are eligible to vote for Scottish “independence” in a referendum. The Scottish National Party (SNP) calls to the voters to …

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Fast-food workers across the US protest for a $15 minimum wage

Fast-food workers walked out and held demonstrations in 150 United States cities.  Among these cities were New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The calls for the raise of the minimum …

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