Archive: October 2014

Hong Kong protest against Beijing’s rule

The protests in Hong Kong began after China’s standing committee of the national people’s congress (NPCSC) announced that it will disallow the civil nominations in the election. After this announcement, …

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Condemn acid attacks on the international Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women!

November 25th is the international day to end violence against women! According to World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced abuse, either psychical and/or …

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Tunisian election: pushing the Islamists back!

After nearly one month of official campaigning which started on October 4th, Tunisia held its first election after adopting the new constitution that was created in January of this year. …

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Hungarians protest against Internet tax

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Budapest and smaller cities to show their anger at the government’s plan to impose an internet tax from 2015. Viktor Orbán’s (chairman …

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Kurdish women leading the fight against Islamic State

The battle in Kobane at the least is the clash of two ideologies. On the one hand is the Islamic state which has carved itself into the history book for …

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FEMEN protest in front of Iranian embassy

FEMEN have shown their solidarity with the Iranian people and their struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Protesting in front of the Iranian Embassy, FEMEN joined Iranians and human …

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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership must be stopped!

Currently the US and EU governments are involved in the creation of a free trade partnership which will have a lasting negative impact for the working people of Europe and …

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Defend Kobani Kurds against ISIS

The Kurdish fighters in Kobani are now engaged in street-to-street fighting against ISIS militants. After a full scale attack on Monday this week, the Kurdish fighters are holding the city …

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Stop the acid attacks on Iranian women!

Thousands of men and women have come to the streets of Isfahan to protest against the spate of acid attacks on young women that has left these women severely disfigured. …

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