Archive: January 2015

The Islamic regime of Iran’s online “dating” website

The Islamic republic of Iran is continuing its assault on the human rights and freedoms of the Iranian youth by introducing an Islamic online “dating” website. This dating website is …

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Greece: replacing the power of bondholders with the power of the people

The new left-wing party in Greece, Syriza, wants to re-negotiate the terms of the Greek bailout. The bailout plan that is being implemented in Greece is essentially a “sink” for …

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The new cover for Charlie Hebdo is a step backwards!

After the horrific attack which killed 12 people at cartoonists office, a new copy of the Charlie Hebdo is release. This new copy of Charlie Hebdo now has international attention …

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Conservatives attack workers’ right to strike action

The working-class’ key historical weapon against the capitalist ruling class is the withdrawal of its labour through strike action. In order for surplus and profit to be generated under capitalism the labour …

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Charlie Hebdo: “I rather die than live like a rat!”

The attack on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris was an attack on the freedom of speech and a black mark on the face of basic 21st century human rights …

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There is another alternative to “Isamophobia” and neo-Nazism!

The BBC and other major European news media are once again apologizing for Islam in the wake of three arson attacks on mosques in Sweden.  The attacks on the mosques …

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